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5 Tips for Planning the Honeymoon of a Lifetime


Start planning early.

The best timeframe for booking your honeymoon is six to eight months prior to your travel date and if you're considering somewhere far-flung and remote, you may consider starting up to a year in advance. Pro tip: If you need a payment plan, definitely give yourself a year because most final payments are due 60 days prior to departure.

Get clear about what you want.

When you think about your honeymoon what do you envision? Is it modern luxury on a beautiful island, rustic romance in the jungle or do you want to explore a bunch of places? Do some thinking together about what you both really want.

Make sure your itinerary represents your travel desires.

It's tempting to copy another couple's honeymoon itinerary, but your friends may have loved the adventures they had in Peru, maybe you'd just to like to be laying on a tropical beach.. It's your honeymoon and it should be tailored to your interests.

Don't believe everything you read online.

Kicking off your honeymoon research with a Google search is a great place to start but don't let it be the only thing you rely on. Online reviews can paint a picture that isn't accurate. Vet the destinations you have in mind with friends, family, and a travel professional.

Schedule in surprises.

Even if you're working side-by-side to plan your honeymoon together, try to sneak in a surprise or two for each other! Dinner on the beach at sunset or an unplanned couples massage is a great way to make it romantic, but also memorable.


I know you're busy planning a wedding too! So I also know that list of things to do can feel endless leading up to your big day! That is why turning over your honeymoon wishes to a professional who plans romantic escapes day in and day out can feel like a breath of fresh air.

At Vacation Designs each honeymoon starts with a complimentary consultation. This allows us to get to know each couple and talk about your trip ideas, timeline and budget. I can offer feedback and suggestions during this call. Ultimately you decide if you want to work together, and then I can take it from there. I will present a proposed itinerary that represents your honeymoon travel desires, with experiences that are tailored to your unique interests and bucket list. Doesn't that sound better than wasted hours online when you have other things that need your attention? Let's get started then!

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